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Web Hosting Delhi provides Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting Plans with WHM Reseller Control Panel for managing (create / suspended / terminate / upgrade) new cPanel Account for any domains. All the account created by WHM Reseller Control panel will create cPanel Control Panel for managing your client domains. You may offer this cPanel Control Panel credentials (username and password) to your clients for them to manage their hosted domains, email accounts and databases etc.

Rates and features are revised on date: 17th February, 2021.

Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting

We are providing cheap economical Linux Reseller website hosting plans to our clients. Please check the plans pricing with 30 days money-back guarantee. You may click on Personal Cheap Linux Reseller Plans, Corporate Cheap Linux Reseller Plans and Enterprise Cheap Linux Reseller Plans Tabs below to List Linux Reseller Hosting Plans with all hosting details.

Linux Reseller Hosting Features (WHM / cPanel / CloudLinux Hosting)

Linux Reseller hosting is the most popular reselling hosting plans which is popular and majorly used by many Web Designers, Web Developers and Web Hosting Companies. The reason for popularity is that most of the web hosting companies use WHM (Web Host Manager) Linux Reseller Control Panel for managing (Create/Suspend/Terminate/Upgrade) client hosting accounts. When you create any hosting account for any domain from WHM it automatically create cPanel Control Panel for your clients domain. You may provide this cPanel Control Panel username and password to your clients for managing their hosting resources such as web hosting plan, creation of email accounts, uploading of files, changing PHP versions, Creating Databases and running TSQL Command from inbuit phpMyAdmin.

  • CloudLinux Hosting Powered cPanel Hosting Control Panel.
  • FREE SSL Certificate which secures your website and boost SEO too.
  • Horde / Roundcube Webmail System for accessing your email through any Computer Tablet, Laptop and Desktop or Mobile Phone. Roundcube web-based Ajax technology enables IMAP Email Clients.
  • Softaculous Premium with 1-Click Installer for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and 445 + scripts.
  • MySQL Database, Unlimited Sub Domains.
  • HTTP/2 Pre Enabled for multiple streams of data over the same TCP connection means your hosted website will load extremely fast on our hosting servers.
  • PHP 4.4 , PHP 5.1, PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3 and 7.4 Supported.
  • Mailing List Mailman. DMARC and DKIM Support, Spam Checking for Incoming and Outgoing Emails, SPF Record Verification.
  • SSI/GD/CURLUnlimited FTP Access, CGI & PERL
  • Use Google Analytics for Statistics

Cheap Multi-Domains Windows Hosting

We are providing cheap economical Multi-Domains Windows website hosting plans to our clients. Please check the plans pricing with 30 days money-back guarantee. You may click on Personal Cheap Windows Hosting Plans, Corporate Cheap Windows Hosting Plans and Enterprise Cheap Windows Hosting Plans Tabs below to List Windows Hosting Plans with all hosting details.

Windows Hosting Features (Plesk Obsidian)

Windows Hosting Services offered by Web Hosting Delhi - Azonic Infotech Private Limited is really Enterprise Class Web Hosting where your website and databases hosted on SSD Drive. We host all your Email Accounts on SmarterMail 16.x Enterprise Email Server. Our Windows Hosting features includes Free SSL Certificate, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Microsoft IIS 10 Web Server, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET 4.8, ASP.NET 3.5, MS SQL 2016, Remote SQL Server Management. Our Windows Hosting Plans are pre optimized for WordPress Website Hosting.

  • Plesk Obsidian Hosting Control Panel.
  • FREE SSL Certificate which secures your website and boost SEO too. HTTP/2 Enabled for Fast Loading Websites.
  • SmarterMail 16.x Enterprise Email for checking your email through any Computer Tablet, Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Phones.
  • MySQL Database, Unlimited Sub Domains, Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Use Google Analytics for Statistics

SmarterMail Email Hosting Features (Windows Hosting Only)

Please find the SmarterMail Email Features which will be available for Windows Hosting Plans and for those Email Acounts which has been created under SmaterMail.

  • SmarterMail work in both desktop and mobile browsers, no client install or mobile app is needed.
  • Yes It is Feature-Rich Webmail SmarterMail’s webmail client easily replaces installed applications - such as Microsoft Outlooks or Thunderbird etc.
  • SmarterMail features inclues Sending and receiving messages, Robust HTML editor, On demand content filtering, custom signatures, Plus addressing for email organization, Compliance footers and disclaimers.
  • Calendars and Scheduling ich Webmail With SmarterMail's calendar makes scheduling meetings and events simple with features like - Attendee availability, Conference Room scheduling, Support for different time zones, Display Task start and due dates etc.
  • Default calendar view (daily, weekly, monthly or all appointments, inclues Sending and receiving messages, Robust HTML editor, On demand content filtering, custom signatures, Plus addressing for email organization, Compliance footers and disclaimers.
  • Specify working/business hours, View a 7-day weather forecast, On recurring events, delete/edit individual instances.
  • Group Chat - An ideal solution for chatting with individuals or small groups that can be started from the webmail client or using any preferred instant messaging app, on desktop AND mobile., XMPP / Jabber server, Includes voice chat and video chat, File sharing, Private and secure.
  • Team Workspaces - A robust team chat / team meeting solution that makes working with multiple different people, in multiple different locations, efficient and effective. Video conference for up to 8 people, Unlimited voice and text chat , Inline file sharing, Password protection available, Guest access capabilities.
  • WYSIWYG Editor - You can create virtually any type of message or add flair to Notes and Tasks by highlighting important information using the integrated WYSIWYG editor. It’s even possible to build and send HTML-rich messages for newsletters, product announcements and more.
  • Notes - Notes are a great way to keep track of things like shopping lists, website URLs, To Dos from a meeting and more. Note can be color coded - like when using differnt color "sticky notes" - to keep like items organized and easily found. With support for a full WYSIWYG editor.
  • Contact Management - Maintain detailed information about each person you communicate with - Business and personal contact information, Support for multiple phone numbers and email, Contact Categories, Global Address list support, Track important dates, Support for display pictures.
  • File Storage - SmarterMail’s integrated file storage can eliminate large file attachments and makes file sharing easy: simply upload a file to a folder of your choice, then include a link to that file from within your email message. Users have the ability to password protected. You may also assign a time limit for for the links provided.
  • Powerful Search Capabilities - All content in our mailbox are indexed, it means that you can performthe search and immediately your search result will be displayed. Auto-complete addressing makes it easier to communicate. Link tasks directly to emails for greater efficiency.
  • All the windows hosting plans comes with SmarterMail powered mail services on windows hosting. There will no requirements for you to buy Expensive Email Services such as Business Email, Enterprise Email etc.

Web Hosting Delhi Services

We at Web Hosting Delhi - Azonic Infotech Private Limited (GST ID: 07AAFCA4780R1Z1) Provides Reliable Ultra Fast Web Hosting Solutions to our Customers. The Web Hosting Price is affordable without compromising the server configurations.

Linux Shared Hosting

Linux Shared Hosting is a highly economical, easy-to-use type of web hosting that can make the foundation for your business online.

Linux Shared Hosting Plans

Windows Shared Hosting

Windows Shared Hosting is an extremely stable and user-friendly web hosting meant for anyone who is looking to host their website online.

Windows Shared Hosting Plans

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which resellers allocate hosting for websites and make a profit by re-selling resources.

Reseller Hosting Plans

SmarterMail Email Hosting

SmarterMail is a full-featured email, group chat, and team collaboration server. You can easily transfer email and collaboration items from providers such as Zimbra, Office365, MailEnable, Open-Xchange, Mdaemon, MailEnable, Ipswitch IMail, IceWarp, CommuniGat.

SmarterMail Email Hosting Plans

Business Email Hosting

With our Business Email Services, you will get features like OpenXchange Intuitive and Responsive Design, Inbuilt Virus Protection, 5GB Storage Plus Backup, 99.9% Uptime and Security, Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks. It's easily accessible from smartphones or tablets etc.

Business Email Hosting

G Suite Hosting

G Suite from Google is a collaborative tool where you can access Gmail setup on your domain name. You can access many powerful tools such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sites, Google Calendar, Google Hangout.

G Suite Pricing by Google Cloud

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Every great project requires the perfect domain name. Choose from hundreds of extensions to start online.

We offer Cheap Domain Name Registration Services with many free features such as Free DNS Management, Free Domain Forwarding, Free Domain Theft Protection, Free Mail Forwards, Easy to use Domain Control Panel, 2 Free Email IDs with every domains without any extra Payment Gateway Charges. Our domain registration services customers are from:
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What Our Customers Say

We have helped hundreds of customers with our cheap web hosting solutions. We enabled them to operate much more economically and efficiently.

We have taken Windows Hosting Services from Azonic for custom Windows Based Software which utilizes MS SQL Database from our multiple office locations in Mumbai and Tamil Nadu. Azonic has offered us always available database services which enhance our productivity without investing much money.

Bhupinder Singh
Delhi, India

We are using Linux Hosting for our company website from Web Hosting Delhi. Our website is always up and working very well without any issue. We are using the Email Servies freely offered with the Web Hosting Package and it's very stable and we haven't faced any downtime from the last 6 years.

Mumbai, India

Earlier we were using Mdaemon Email Services with other company but after migrating to SmarterMail Servies with Web Hosting Delhi we are very happy. The features and interface of SmarterMail is extremely good. We always got SmarterMail's latest Version with Azonic which helped in boosting our productivity.

Joseph Joy
Mumbai, India